The Chicago Wellelsey Club maintains a set of by-laws, which may be read here - BY-LAWS


We like to highlight  SECTION 2: 

The purpose of the Club shall be to promote the interests of Wellesley College and to promote and maintain a lifelong connection between Wellesley College and alumnae in the Chicago area. The Club is the link between Wellesley College, the alumnae and the community  as follows:

a. The Club serves as a medium for exchange of information and ideas between Wellesley College and the alumnae.
b. The Club provides Wellesley College with financial support, including the securing of funds for the education of worthy students who lack the means for providing for their own education.
c. The Club provides alumnae with the possibility of enjoyment, stimulation, self-education and community participation with other Wellesley College alumnae.
d. The Club serves as an extension of Wellesley College in recruiting students and in providing favorable public relations for Wellesley College in the community.